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4880 Lower Roswell Road
Marietta, GA, 30068
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Atlanta ID offers Gifts & Awards to Inspire & Entertain. And sometimes, we like to add a little humor. Our gifts & awards for sports such as triathlon, cycling, golf & tennis and interests such as wine, friendships, weddings and events are intended to inspire kindness and laughter. Custom engraving available.


ID Card Holder - Rigid- Vertical


ID Card Holder - Rigid- Vertical

from 14.95

DESCRIPTION:  Credit-card size, rigid plastic holders are made to hold one 30 mil card, smart chip or magnetic stripe card. Holders feature a thumb-notch for quick card removal and slot and chain holes for easy attachment to lanyard, reel or chain.

  • Vertical side-load format
  • Great for smart chip and magnetic cards
  • Holds one 30 mil card
  • Quantity 50 units


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