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4880 Lower Roswell Road
Marietta, GA, 30068
Not a Retail Location

Atlanta ID, LLC serves the Gifts, Engraving and ID markets and is home of the Traveling Wine Bag and other Traveling Drinkware. See our collections of unique gifts for triathlon, running, cycling, wine, friends, weddings and more. We’re adding new designs regularly.



Badging Services

Badging & Design Services

We've been making badges for over 35 years and are happy to help design just the right badge for your business. Badging Services range from photo ID's for companies and contractors to name badges (variable sizes, colors and custom shapes) for retail, movie and hospitality businesses. Services include engraved name badges, full-color photo ID badges, monochrome badges and PVC metallic business cards.  ID Software Training also available. 

  • Photo ID Badges
    • Single Sided PVC Card - color
    • Double Sided PVC Card- color/color or color/black
  • Name Badges 
    • Printed PVC with monochrome or color imprint
    • Engraved with magnet or pin backing
  • PVC Cards - name badges, business cards
    • White - color (full bleed) or monochrome
    • Metallic Gold with Black Imprint. Other color imprints available. 
    • Metallic Silver with Black Imprint. Other color imprints available. 
  • Contractor Badges
    • PVC Badges
    • TEMPBadges
  • Visitor Badges
    • PVC Badges
    • TEMPBadges
  • Temporary Badges
    • PVC Badges
    • TEMPBadges
  • Accessories also available - lanyards, clips, pouches for badges
  ID Badge - Portrait

ID Badge - Portrait

  ID Badge - Landscape

ID Badge - Landscape

  Metallic Silver Business Card

Metallic Silver Business Card

Photo ID Card Pricing - White PVC Card

Business, Movie Industry, Construction, Temporary Employee or security type photo ID's. 

Photo ID Pricing.png
Photo ID - portrait.png

General Card Printing - White or Color PVC Card

General Card Printing includes variable text (imported from Excel Spreadsheet) for name badges, loyalty cards, business cards...  It does not include variable photos or images per card.  Please see above for Photo ID's and Notes* below for details.  Call for pricing. 

Due to the nature of the Engraving and ID business, please provide a Letter of Authorization from the company or organization allowing Atlanta ID, LLC permission to print or engrave items with the company logo.  The Letter needs to be signed by a manager with the authorization to order such products.  

We do not print driver's license, state ID's or novelty ID's.

Please Contact Us for more information. We're happy to help.