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Atlanta ID offers Gifts & Awards to Inspire & Entertain. And sometimes, we like to add a little humor. Our gifts & awards for sports such as triathlon, cycling, golf & tennis and interests such as wine, friendships, weddings and events are intended to inspire kindness and laughter. Custom engraving available.


Bottle Opener 4 Set


Bottle Opener 4 Set

from 20.00

SET: 4 Bottle Openers. Create your own set from 4 Colors. Mix or Match colors in a set. 

DESCRIPTION: NEW! Enjoy this fun bottle opener!  Opener is Stainless Steel wrapped in a quality crafted synthetic leather material that offers the look and feel of leather (animal friendly:), is water resistant and durable. Includes a magnet. Engrave a monogram, favorite quote or text, logo or graphic for a personalized opener.  

COLORS:  Light Brown, Natural, Pink, Gray

SIZE:  1 3/4"(L) x 4 5/8"(H) X 3/16"(W)

ENGRAVING COLORS: All colors etch in dark color.  See product photos. 

ENGRAVING: Includes Standard Artwork Setup and Standard Engraving of a monogram or text on one side of the opener. Engraving of Images such as a logo or graphic is available with Design Engraving. The same artwork is engraved on all 4 openers in the set.  Maximum Engraving Area is listed below.  

ENGRAVING AREA: 1 1/4" x 3"

See ENGRAVING for Guidelines and Forms. 

FREE Standard Artwork Setup, FREE Standard Engraving

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