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4880 Lower Roswell Road
Marietta, GA, 30068
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Atlanta ID, LLC serves the Gifts, Engraving and ID markets and is home of the Traveling Wine Bag and other Traveling Drinkware. See our collections of unique gifts for triathlon, running, cycling, wine, friends, weddings and more. We’re adding new designs regularly.


Black Marble


Black Marble

from 49.95

DESCRIPTION:  Enjoy giving his beautiful natural Black Marble Plaque; a classic gift with modern refinement that will last for years. Precise laser etching enhances images and text to a distinguished white finish for a stately unique gift.  Includes easel on back and can be oriented vertically or horizontally.  Black marble is a natural product and marble tones may vary. 


   PLAQUE SIZE        PRICE       

  • 4"x 6" $49.95

  • 5"x 7" $59.95

  • 6"x 8" $69.95

COLOR: Polished Black Marble


  • Includes Standard Artwork Setup and Standard Engraving of monogram or text in 1 location.  

  • Photo Artwork Setup on Black Marble is $10 per photo. Black/White photos with high contrast have best results. See below to add number of photos for engraving.

  • Images such as logos and graphics are available with Design Engraving.


ENGRAVING AREA:  Engrave text, monogram or an image such as a logo, graphic or photo.


  • 4"x 6" = 3"x 5"

  • 5"x 7" = 4"x 6"

  • 6"x 8" = 5"x 7"

See ENGRAVING for Guidelines and Form

Quantity Pricing Available

FREE Standard Artwork Setup, FREE Standard Engraving (text or monogram)

Photo Artwork Setup on Black Marble is $10 per image. See below to add number of photos to be engraved.


Plaque Size:
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Artwork Setup on Black Marble
from 10.00
Artwork Setup:
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